Yee Lyn shared her story at the 2013 Global Youth Forum.

Age: 16

Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

PTPI Chapter: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Sri KDU) Student Chapter

My favorite hobby is: spending time with my family, doing community service, and just relaxing while watching TV.

In 10 years, I hope to be: a dentist that travels to rural villages to volunteer my services.


If I were an animal, I would be: a dog! I love my dog, and he is my best friend. I can cuddle and pour all my troubles on him.

I think PTPI is important because: PTPI teaches youth that it is possible to start young making a difference.

The best moment at the GYF was: listening to Raul Magdaleno’s speech. He is such a positive and inspirational speaker!


We have thousands of members around the world, and each has a story to tell. From the youngest to oldest members and from the most poverty stricken corners of the world to our own backyards, we strive daily to change lives and break down barriers to peace and understanding.