Karyna shared her story at the 2013 Global Youth Forum.

Age: 17

Hometown: Cherkasy, Ukraine

PTPI Chapter: Cherkasy, Ukraine (Light the Way) Student Chapter

My favorite hobbiy is: learning foreign languages. I study five languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, Spanish, and French.


In 10 years, I hope to be: a good mother and wife.

If I were an animal, I would be: an eagle. These birds are powerful. They are free and independent.

I think PTPI is important because: it gives us an image of global peace.

The best moment at the GYF was: when we make literacy kits for children and hygience kits for disabled people.


We have thousands of members around the world, and each has a story to tell. From the youngest to oldest members and from the most poverty stricken corners of the world to our own backyards, we strive daily to change lives and break down barriers to peace and understanding.