A PTPI scholarship enabled Julius to attend his first Global Youth Forum (GYF) in 2014, and it changed his life. These are his remarks:

“I’ve traveled for the first time outside the country and made it to the U.S. first because of the GYF. I’ve been able to conquer my fear of public speaking. I’ve shared my thoughts and acquired more information about community service. I’ve met and made friends with people around the world who share the vision with me, to provide positive and significant changes in our own communities. I am really blessed and thankful for being part of the GYF because of the things I experienced and most especially for the things that I learned.  


Some of the realizations and things that I’ve learned are: genuine community needs are identified by the community itself; experience is one of the best ways to learn; leaders must share a common vision with their group; connection with many different people is the greatest asset of an individual; everybody can help in improving their community; and lastly, peace—though a big word—is achievable through understanding.”


We have thousands of members around the world, and each has a story to tell. From the youngest to oldest members and from the most poverty stricken corners of the world to our own backyards, we strive daily to change lives and break down barriers to peace and understanding.