PTPI Chapter in Africa trains youth in entrepreneurship!



Tanzania has one of the largest refugee populations in the East African Community. Of the more than 253,190 refugees in the three camps of Tanzania, an estimated 138,000 are registered exclusively in the Nyarugusu camp. Many of these are women and children.


The high-rate of sexual and gender-based violence, especially in young women, needs immediate attention. This can be addressed through a special focus on secondary school girls. Girls who experience rape in the camp are found infected with HIV/AIDs and other Sexually Transmitted Illnesses leading to serious health issues, poverty and school-dropouts.



Having recognized all of those problems first-hand, People to People International’s Kigoma-Tanzania, Nyarugusu Camp Chapter met with the young girls in the camp in an attempt to discuss a solution. The solution was a small tailoring school to give the participants a sustainable and desirable skill.


Through grant funding, 37 young girls and boys were selected to participate in entrepreneurship training. These children were selected from many applicants interested in gaining a fundamental understanding of business skills. The workshop was greatly appreciated by the participants.


“I am confident and excited to go out into my community”.

I never had an opportunity to learn skills around entrepreneurship. It was a powerful experience to see and understand how we can be innovative and how it is important.”


This project was possible through a chapter grant from People to People International and through the incredible work of our Kigoma-Tanzania, Nyarugusu Camp Chapter. We hope that all of our chapters wishing to do work that has such a profound and sustainable impact on their community will apply for a chapter grant.



For more information about the other humanitarian aid provided by our chapters around the world visit our website at or for more information about how to receive a chapter grant, please call People to People International World Headquarters at (816) 531-4701.

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