You can apply on this page for 2019 Chapter Project Grants.
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2019 Chapter Project Grant Application

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    Chapter Project Grants support projects that exemplify the mission of PTPI: to offer multinational experiences that foster cross-cultural learning, develop global leadership skills, and connect with an international network of people committed to making a positive difference in the world.

    Chapters that:
    • Show a successful track record of chapter projects
    • Are in good standing

    Please carefully read through the criteria listed below that will be used by the Chapter Grant Committee in the selection of grant recipients. To ensure a fair process, all applications will be graded according to the following:
  • Application includes a clear explanation of how the project (is):

    • A measurable benefit to the community
      • Consider where the project is located
      • ⋅Consider how it targets the underserved communities
      • The project will develop long-term relationships with underserved community
      • Project partners with local organizations
    • Based on community needs
      • ⋅Project is based on evidence acquired from community-needs assessment
    • Designed to make a significant and sustainable impact
      • Timeframe of project is well defined
      • ⋅Project has well defined expected outcomes
      • Projects that extend beyond the current year are self-sustaining after initial investment of chapter grant monies
    • Exemplifies the mission
      • ⋅Fosters Cultural Exchange and promotes cultural understanding
      • ⋅Serves community through education, learning, and/or humanitarian service
    • Specific with realistic and measurable goals
      • ⋅The chapter has provided data/numbers in application
      • ⋅The chapter has provided an accurate depiction of the current situation and the ways the project will address needs of the community
  • The Application will also include:

    • Project description
    • Description is thorough and clear
    • Realistic budget expenses and estimates
    • Request does not exceed $2000
    • Request clearly explains how additional monies are to be raised or procured through other grants/ organizations
    • All expenses are included in the application
    • An explanation of how the chapter will carry out the project if not awarded the requested amount of funding
  • Additional considerations will include:

    • Has the chapter been chartered for at least on year and in good standing with World Headquarters?
    • Does the chapter have a successful track record of chapter projects?

    • Review GRANT GUIDE
    • Provide updates on a periodic basis
    • Submit a Final Report

    PTPI will provide grants of up to USD $2,000. Awarding of grants is not automatic and funding is limited. PTPI has the right to withhold any and all funds to recipients if grant requirements are not met.
  • When to Apply

    Grants will be awarded once this year and applications are due by April 30th. All applicants will be notified within 30 days following the application deadline, and funds will be distributed in May. Incomplete and/or late applications will not be considered.